Promoting Environmental Education

PADEV recognizes that one of the surest ways forest management and environmental compliance can be sustained is to educate people and increase their knowledge of the value and benefits their forest and forest resources can offer.
Liberia is endowed with a blend of rich natural resources. The people of Liberia and their socioeconomic activities speak volumes of their natural gifts and how these endowments will improve their economic wellbeing if only they are educated. The vast majority of Liberians rely on the products and services from the natural environment, especially forests to survive.
Forest dependent communities in Liberia look to the forest as their shopping mall; for they depend on it for their livelihoods. They also regard the forest as their pharmacy because the forest is ultimately the repository of the diversity of resources which includes medicinal plants and animals.
Nonetheless, challenges confronting Liberia’s education sector have reduced opportunities for the young people of Liberia and under privileged adults who live near the forest to gain access to environmental education either formally or informally.
PADEV believes that the most viable course of action that can revert destructive practices that threaten the existence of the natural environment and its potentials to continually provide for people is to create an educated and informed citizenry.
In 2016, the current team of PADEV then working with USAID PROSPER set out to promote environmental education among the next generation of Liberians(pupils) to ensure improved and sustained environmental awareness and knowledge in Liberia.

An understanding of the many factors that influence the environment, particularly the impacts of people is critical to maintaining and improving environmental quality.

PADEV works with secondary school pupils in project areas to promote environmental education. The objectives of our approach are to instill passion in students to explore their environment; inspire them to be creative, innovative and respectful in their thinking about the environment; and to empower them to influence others in their community and provide leadership to protecting Liberia’s unique environment.