Current Projects

The Tai-Grebo-Krahn-SAPO project

PADEV is currently partnering with Fauna and Flora International(FFI) to implement a two-year forest management and biodiversity conservation project in the SAPO National Park (SNP) in Southeastern Liberia. The project is expected to kick off in November 2017 under USAID WA BiCC funding.

WA BiCC stands for West Africa Biodiversity Conservation and Climate change.

The project’s overall goal is to promote innovative and collaborative management of the SNP and the Tai-Grebo-Krahn-Sapo(TGKS) Transboundary Forest Landscape between Liberia and Côte D’Ivoire that strengthens forest conservation, protects biodiversity, ensures connectivity between sites, enhances forest governance, improves the livelihoods of the people in the landscape, and empowers local stakeholders to effectively manage their resources. FFI and local partners will focus their work in the SNP and surrounding landscape, while WCF and local partners will focus their work in Côte D’Ivoire and the Proposed Grebo-Krahn National Park in Liberia.