Community Outreach & Education

As a natural resource management specialist organization, PADEV uses a sundry of approaches to achieve the goal of sustainable forest management in Liberia.
Outreach and public education approach is one of the successful models through which forest dependent communities can learn about the value and benefits of their forest resources.
PADEV outreach and education strategy is based on the Social andBehavior Change(SBCC) principle.
When our outreach and public education programs are successful, it means local communities have been involved from the planning phase to the implementation of all of the activities.
It also means that we have built the capacity of forest governance groups through the formation of theatre troupes to lead awareness and sensitization of their constituent communities.

 Entertainment is at the Heart of Our Outreach and Education Programs-We build community theatre troupe and work with them over time to master their act
 Our Learning-by-Doing Approach Strengthens the Capacity Sector Partners to Achieve Program Goals
 We work with Local Leaders and Give Them the Opportunity to Serve as the Voice of their People on Development Issues